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In previous years you have parked outside the airport and walked in to the show. This year, in order to comply with COVID restriction and ensure a safe show for everyone, it will be a drive-in event. You will park in your chosen viewing area and watch the show, either from your vehicle or on lawn chairs, blankets, etc., beside your vehicle and in your designated viewing area. Entry to the show is strictly on a no contact scanning of vehicles basis. Once parked occupants must stay in their designated space during show hours. NO walk-ins will be allowed.
Think of it as a picnic-style experience!

The complete show schedule will be available just prior to show days.

Friday – September 10, 2021

Event grounds open to Gold ticket holders. A unique chance to see participating aircraft arrivals and practices!

Gates open for Admission: Noon
Gates close: 5 pm

Saturday – September 11 & Sunday – September 12, 2021

Same show both days!

Gates open for Admission: 9:30 am
Air show: 12 pm to 4 pm
Gates close: 5 pm

All acts are subject to change in time or order based on operational circumstances and weather.

Gatineau-Ottawa Executive Airport The airshow is at the Gatineau-Ottawa Executive Airport located on Highway 50, approximately 20 kms east of downtown Ottawa, and a 90 minutes drive from Montreal. On arrival exit Highway 50 at Blvd de l’Aéroport, Exit 154. GPS; 1717, rue Arthur-Fecteau, Gatineau, QC J8R 2Z9

Gatineau-Ottawa Executive Airport 

In our Picnic-Style Drive-In arrangement, you will be directed to a main entrance, where your ticket will be scanned remotely and your section confirmed. You will then follow the signs and drive directly to your ticketed section. On-site staff will direct you to your section, where you will park, on a first-come, first-served basis. It will be a completely touchless experience.

All vehicles will be parked facing the air show performance line and runway. You will be able to sit in your vehicle or beside it in your designated space to watch the show.

At the conclusion of the show, vehicles will depart by row rather than a ‘free for all’ departure, under direction from our experienced parking and security team.

Exemple de Zone d'observation

This year there will be no individual tickets. Instead tickets will be simply ‘per vehicle’, with a maximum of six people of any age per car.  One ticket per carload, regardless of the makeup of your group! The traditional ticket categories (ie. Adult, Senior, Youth, Military, etc.) do not apply for this year. The only decision is which zone will you choose!

There will be no tickets sold at the event. You must buy your tickets on-line in advance!

The cost of the ticket depends on the zone you have chosen. See all the details on the ticketing page.

There will be no tickets sold at the event. You must buy your tickets on-line in advance!

It is uncertain whether we will be able to accommodate a Photo Pit this year.  Gold is currently the best viewing option.   

The drive in nature of the event means we need to park on much of the hard surface that would normally be used for aircraft parking. As a result the larger aircraft and teams will take off and land at the Ottawa International Airport for their performances. Some of the warbirds and the CF-18 are still expected to operate out of Gatineau.

AERO Gatineau-Ottawa 2021 will be produced as a COVID-19 safe event! Here is how…

Maintain Social Distancing when Required

In order to comply with provincial health regulations, the new drive-in format for the Show will have social distancing at two levels:

·    The first level is distancing between each vehicle/group combination. Show attendees will be in a space that measures at least 20′ wide by 20′ deep. That space is large enough to contain the vehicle, up to 6 people that were in the vehicle and any chairs, coolers, etc. that attendees bring with them. All vehicles will be parked on the same side of each space so that they will act as a buffer between each group of people. The attendees inside each space will not be required to wear a mask or to social distance as they are expected to be part of the same “bubble”. As well, the edge of each parking space will be visibly marked and we require that attendees do not go outside of those marked lines unless they have a mask on and only for specific purposes such as heading to the portable washroom in their “row” or to meet the concessions cart as it comes around to the front area of their space.

·    The second level of distancing is the standard 6′ minimum distance which will be required by anyone leaving their space or if dealing with/speaking to an air show volunteer or staff member at the edge of their space. The same requirements that are currently in place for daily life will be in place for all instances where attendees will potentially be near other people outside of their “bubble”.


Wear a Mask when Required

In order to comply with provincial health regulations, masks will be required for all attendees either when speaking to/dealing with an air show volunteer or staff member at the edge of their parking space or when leaving their space such as heading to the portable washroom in their “row”.

While attendees are in their parking space, they are not required to wear a mask, as the group of people attending is expected to be part of their “bubble”.

Sanitize Hands when Required.

In order to comply with provincial health regulations, we recommend that attendees sanitize their hands in situations similar to those in current daily life. This would include when doing things like handling a payment terminal or using the portable washroom facilities. Hand sanitizing stations will be in place at each washroom area and the carts servicing each parking area will also be equipped with hand sanitizer. We also do recommend that attendees come equipped with their own hand sanitizer as a backup.

We will be closely monitoring all required standards and reserve the right to alter these rules as the authorities deem necessary or prudent. Keep checking back nearer the time.

There will be washrooms available at the end of each row.

There will be volunteers overseeing the parking and safe operation of each zone. All air show staff have distinctive safety vests. Please contact any one of them for assistance or guidance.

The new drive-in format for the show this year should be a “picnic” type experience for attendees.

Feel free to bring your lawn chair, blanket, umbrella, sunglasses, sunscreen, coolers, etc. They can all be set out and used within the vehicle and the designated parking space. You will be required to pack everything up and take it all back home with you at the end of the day.

If you are noise sensitive or have children that may be noise sensitive, please consider bringing noise blocking aids (ear plugs, headsets, etc).

IMPORTANT NOTE: For safety reasons, absolutely NO cooking/heating devices of any kind will be permitted anywhere on the grounds. This includes BBQs (portable or full-size), portable propane stoves, heating plates, etc.

There is absolutely NO smoking or vaping on the airport grounds!

Air show security reserves the right to hand-search all backpacks and bags, and also may ask people to leave if smoking on the grounds.

Example of Fan viewing area

Food options will be available to purchase on-line in advance for delivery to you at the show.

You are of course welcome to bring your own food and picnic items in your vehicle. Please be very careful to ensure no items or garbage blows around or gets left behind. “Foreign Object Damage” or FOD is a serious concern and hazard for aircraft.

Pets are NOT allowed. For safety reasons for both the pet and people on-site at the Show, no pets will be permitted on the Air Show grounds with the exception of certified service animals.

Please – for safety and courtesy there is NO SMOKING OR VAPING anywhere on the Air Show grounds. If you do light up anywhere, you will be asked to extinguish and dispose of your cigarette. You also may be asked to leave if smoking on the grounds.

The new drive-in format will contain your movement to your designated parking space and while wearing a mask, directly to and from the designated washroom and litter collection area for your “row” of approximately 20 vehicles.

We request that you keep all litter in your specified vehicle parking space and upon leaving for the day, to double-check your space and take any litter home with you for disposal. In the instances where it may not be practical to take the litter home, due to its messy nature for example, there will also be a litter collection bin co-located in the same area as the portable washroom for your “row”.

Food or drinks are allowed to be brought to the Air Show, but must only be set out and consumed in your designated vehicle parking space.

No cooking equipment or open flame will be permitted anywhere on the site, so please ensure all food that is brought on site will not need to be cooked or heated up.

There will be no alcoholic beverages allowed in any areas of the Show grounds. Any alcohol brought onto the site will be confiscated upon discovery and can also be considered grounds for immediate removal of that vehicle and its occupants from the Show without a refund.

It is summer in Quebec – this means you should take precautions for potential high heat and humidity. Wear loose-fitting, light-colored clothing and drink plenty of water. On a hot day, your body will lose more water than is required to just satisfy your thirst.

If the heat starts to cause concern, be sure to seek medical attention right away!

Individual parking sites will be given on a first come first serve basis within each zone. In order to get a parking site beside another ticket holder, you must arrive at the same time and be in the line-up together upon entrance. You will then be directed to parking sites next to each other.

Please note that there are no holds and/or reservations prior to the event or at the event.

You must stay in your own viewing area.

In order to ensure everyone has as unobstructed view as possible, and to fit the parking plan, oversize vehicles are not allowed.

Cars, minivans, SUVs and non-lifted pickups are considered normal size.

Oversized vehicles include campers, shuttles, passenger vans, 6-wheeled trucks, lifted trucks. Such vehicles that meet or exceed these criteria can’t access the event.

A very limited number of RV parking places will be available for the weekend of the event. Vehicles must be in place prior to 2 pm on Friday, September 10.

Aero Gatineau-Ottawa takes place rain or shine. Most of the performers can adapt their performances to suit the weather conditions.

At this time we do not anticipate being able to accept fly-in arrivals. Check back nearer the event.

Red and Blue Zone parking spaces will be ample to accommodate disabled parking. Washrooms for persons with reduced mobility will be available.