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AERO Gatineau-Ottawa


Local & National Media

Local and National Media are invited to connect with us for pre-show information, interviews and credentials. There will be limited access for credentialed media on Friday 16th – the arrivals and practice day. Access on show days will of necessity be by prior negotiation.

For more information, interviews and credentials please contact:

Aviation Media

Requests for aviation and freelance media accreditation are now open, and should be received prior to September 5th to ensure consideration. Access will be available this year for arrivals, media events and the show.

We greatly appreciate the support of our regular participants, and priority will be given to those who have published, broadcast, reported or supplied us with content from previous shows. Requests from multiple photographers from the same publication should be accompanied by an accreditation letter from the publisher.

Freelance reporters, photographers and/or videographers newly requesting Media designation should demonstrate the intended method of publication, broadcast or reporting of the event.

Please address any questions and requests for aviation media accreditation to