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 Hawker Hurricane Mk II

Vintage Wings of Canada

 Hawker Hurricane Mk II

The Spitfire will forever be associated in the public’s mind with the Battle of Britain, but it was the Hawker Hurricane that shouldered the lion’s share of the fighting and the eventual victory during that titanic aerial struggle. Day after day, the exhausted RAF and Commonwealth pilots from 32 Hurricane-equipped squadrons rose from the airfields of East Anglia to meet and eventually defeat the Luftwaffe, thereby making this aircraft forever synonymous with the “Few”.

The “Hurry” was a design of many firsts for the Royal Air Force. The Hurricane was the first monoplane fighter aircraft of the RAF, its first fighter with both an enclosed cockpit and retractable landing gear as well as the first to exceed 300 mph in level flight. While it may have been first, it proved to be an exceptional design which could be adapted to just about any role needed from a single seat aircraft, from interceptor to naval reconnaissance to ground attack. The Hurricane Mk 4 of Vintage Wings of Canada is painted in the markings of RAF 6 Squadron, “The Flying Tin Openers”, which operated the Hurry in the “tank- busting” and ground attack role. Many Canadian pilots flew the cannon-equipped tank-buster variant with 6 Sqn. on operations in North Africa.


First Flight: 1935

Total Production (All Marks): 14,000+

Wingspan: 40 feet

Engine: Rolls-Royce Merlin

Maximum Speed: 340 mph

Manufactured: Nov. 1942 to April 1943, Hawker Aircraft, Kingston-upon-Thames, England

Serial Number: KZ321

Current Registration: CF-TPM