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AERO Gatineau-Ottawa

CF-18 Hornet

Royal Canadian Air Force

CF-18 Hornet

The CF-188 Hornet, commonly called the CF-18, is a multi-role fighter aircraft. It is used for air defence, air superiority, ground attack, tactical support, training, aerobatic demonstration, and aerospace testing and evaluation.

The Hornet is a fast, light and manoeuvrable aircraft. Because of its power, speed and target-tracking capabilities, it has had great success in many military operations in Canada and around the world.


Length : 17.07 m
Wingspan : 12.31 m
Height : 4.66 m
Empty weight : 10,455 kg
Maximum standard thrust per engine : 4,850 kg
Maximum afterburner thrust per engine : 7,290 kg
Maximum speed : Mach 1.8
Range : 3,700 km
Locations : Bagotville, Que. / Cold Lake, Alta.
This aircraft is used for : Fighter / Air demonstration