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Planned procedure for the vaccination control

The Government of Quebec announced that as of September 1, 2021, persons aged 13 and over must be adequately protected against COVID-19 in order to take part in certain activities, including outdoor festivals. As Aero Gatineau-Ottawa is scheduled to begin on September 10, 2021, this measure must be implemented. A vaccination check will be conducted at the gates and only ticket holders and all their passengers aged 13 years and older who are adequately vaccinated (two doses or equivalent) against Covid-19 will be allowed access to the air show. Children aged 12 and under are not required to have a vaccination proof to participate in the event, as they are not eligible for vaccination.

Planned procedure for the vaccination control:
For visitors from Quebec: Vaccination control will be done using the VaxiCode application developed by the Quebec government. Click here for details and to download the application. Each passenger in your vehicle aged 13 years and older will need to have his or her proof of vaccination (QR code) and an official piece of identification.

For visitors from Ontario, other Canadian provinces or countries: if you have not been able to get a QR Code from the province of Quebec, a visual check of your identity and proof of vaccination issued by your province or country will be accepted and performed. Each passenger in your vehicle who is 13 years of age or older will be required to carry proof of full immunization and official identification.

Additional instructions regarding your arrival, parking and traffic flow on the site will be sent to you a few days before the event.

We thank you for your trust and cooperation in these exceptional circumstances, and rest assured that the entire Aero Gatineau-Ottawa team is mobilized to offer you an exceptional air show, in complete safety.

– The management of Aero Gatineau-Ottawa.