What makes Aero Gatineau-Ottawa special is the ability to see a hundred aircraft on the ground up close – a rare opportunity in North America! Once the pilots finish their show and the plane is pulled on to the ramp among the crowd, you can sometime chat with the pilot, take pictures and even, if you are lucky, enter the cockpit!

Aircraft have evolved a lot over the years. Today, some planes operate even without pilots – such as drones. So it’s a unique opportunity to see planes from the 30s and 40s.

Come and admire the superb collection of Vintage Wings warbirds!

Vintage Wings of Canada is an aviation museum founded by former Cognos CEO and philanthropist Michael Potter. Most of the aircraft in the collection are in flying condition and are flown regularly. The collection includes 18 aircraft, 15 of which are in airworthy condition – the other three are in a state of restoration or repair. Come and admire these aircraft from the 30s and 40s, painted in the colours of the former Canadian pilots who flew during the Second World War.

Formerly based in Carp, and now in Gatineau, ACM Warbirds of Canada will also be on hand with two Russian jets from the 1970s Communist Bloc. These training planes will perform together for the first time, operating at a speed similar to the Snowbirds (300 miles per hour).

This year, seats are limited, so get your tickets here: