The CF-18 Hornet demonstration and the CF-18 Hornet twilight show

Col. Chris Hadfield will join up with the CF-18 Hornet for a Heritage Flight at AERO Gatineau-Ottawa 2019. The first Canadian Astronaut to walk in space will fly the Spitfire Mk IX of Vintage Wings of Canada to join the CF-18 for a Heritage Flight.

Coming back for their 9th year at AERO Gatineau-Ottawa, the CF-18 demonstration team will offer an exhilarating, dynamic show which you won’t forget! This year, the Canadian Air Force’s CF-18 demonstration team has chosen the theme “NATO’s 70th Anniversary.” The colour scheme and exterior cladding of the Hornet fighters are decorated with drawings evoking this theme.

The CF-18 Hornet can fly much faster than the speed of sound – but not when performing for the public! The demonstration will also show off it’s ability to fly very slowly in the High Alpha pass.

The RCAF CF-18 Hornet is performing at the show on Saturday and Sunday with a special twilight demo on the Friday evening.


The Canadian Forces Snowbirds

Did you know that the thrilling display of the 9-jet precision flying by the Snowbirds is made possible by 80 Canadian Armed Forces members? Based in Moosejaw, Saskatchewan, 24 of them are travelling to 40 locations across Canada and the United States for the 2019 season.  The Snowbirds fly the CT-114 Tutor aircraft that was designed and built in Canada by Canadair as the Canadian Armed Forces primary jet trainer until it was replaced by the CT-155 Hawk and CT-156 Harvard II in 2000. The single General Electric J85 engine produces 2,700 pounds of thrust which propels the relatively light aircraft to speeds of more than 400 knots. The straight wing design creates a lot of lift and the controls are finely tuned making it a classic sports car of the air. Despite its age, with the exceptional maintenance it receives, the Tutor is a perfect platform as a formation aerobatic demonstration jet.After the show, the Snowbirds invite you to meet their team consisting of aerobatic show pilots, a public affairs officer, and highly skilled aviation, avionics, aircraft structure and mobile support technicians.

If you cannot be at the airshow, follow the Snowbirds on social media! The Snowbirds’ “TankCam”, a modified smoke tank mounted on the belly of Snowbird 1 holds three high-resolution cameras capable of capturing stunning video and imagery of the entire formation in flight. As a result, the #TankCam has the capability to capture rarely seen imagery of the formation that will be published on Twitter and Facebook.

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