Here are a few tips to help make your airshow experience a safe and pleasant one!

Clothing and water

  • Wear comfortable walking shoes as the air show grounds are expansive.
  • Weather will be uncertain at the end of April. Come adequately prepared for a day in the open air If sunny, don’t forget to bring sunscreen or a hat to protect yourself.
  • Drink water to prevent dehydration.
  • If you are noise sensitive or have children that may be noise sensitive, please consider bringing noise blocking aids (ear plugs, headsets, etc).
  • Please pick up any loose garbage you find and deposit it in the nearest garbage container as loose garbage could get sucked up into aircraft engines.

Admissions will accept cash donations only. Food vendors accept cash only. The Gear Up Vintage Gear Store accepts cash, Visa, Mastercard and Interac.

Air show security reserves the right to hand-search all backpacks and bags.

There is absolutely NO SMOKING on any of the airport grounds. Anyone wishing to smoke must do so outside of the main gates.

Outside food, drinks and coolers
Outside food and drinks are permitted. However, coolers are prohibited except for small coolers carrying life saving medicines or formula bottles for young infants. A wide variety of food and drink options will be available for purchase from air show vendors. 

Alcoholic drinks
You are prohibited from bringing in alcoholic drinks.

Restricted Items
The following items are prohibited: coolers, tents, bicycles, roller blades, ladders, large umbrellas, glass or styrofoam containers.

Permitted Items
The following items are permitted: chairs, strollers, cameras, blankets, small umbrellas.

No pets (dogs, etc) will be allowed past the main gates. The only exceptions are for service animals, but if they are sensitive to noise, the airport site is not a good venue to have them.

Fly-in arrivals
Please note that due to ramp congestion caused by the attendance of two acrobatic demo teams, the A400M support aircraft and several other performing aircraft, we will be unable to accommodate movements of visiting aircraft during the Aero150 weekend.

There will be a designated area for veterans with limited mobility along the crowd line. Chairs will not be provided, please bring your own. Parking for disabled parking permit holders is available in front of the airport terminal building