Appropriately named as the team symbolic of our snowy land, do you know how they got their name?  The Snowbirds were named by Douglas Farmer, an elementary school student at CFB Moose Jaw, who won the “Name the Team” contest in 1971.  And reflecting this heritage they frequently trail white smoke in the sky as part of their performances. Two tanks containing diesel fuel under the aircraft are connected to the engine exhaust system. When the pilot presses the trigger, diesel fuel flows to the exhaust system, then vaporizes instantly and produces a white trail.

This is the ninth year that the Air Demonstration Squadron will display its prowess in Gatineau. What maneuvers will “our” Snowbirds be doing this year?

Last year, in an innovative move, the squadron concluded their show with nine planes passing over from behind the crowd in a perfect line-abreast, going straight into their climbing maneuvers.  What can we expect this year?

The team certainly cannot put aside the famous Maple Leaf bomb burst: of the nine planes, seven of come straight ahead to the crowd, while the last two go out to the side. The resulting smoke trail from the planes looks like a maple leaf.

Certainly, some maneuvers are their trademark, and last year many attendees said they came to AERO exclusively to see them. Check out their summer schedule, and you will see Americans snapping up “our” Snowbirds! The Snowbirds show is the result of six months of intense preparation and training and includes more than 50 different formations and maneuvers. We are proud (and lucky!) to welcome them for a ninth year in Gatineau.

Learn more about the Snowbirds:

The Canadian Forces (CF) Snowbirds, 431 Air Demonstration Squadron is a Canadian symbol of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) personnel and public service employees within the Department of National Defense.

Pilots, technicians (aeronautics, avionics, aircraft structure, supply), mobile support equipment operator, resource management support clerk, an engineer officer, a logistics officer and a public affairs officer representing the three elements (Army, Navy and Air Force) work as a team to produce thrilling shows for the Canadian public. Acting as CAF ambassadors, the CF Snowbirds demonstrate the high level of competence, professionalism, team spirit, discipline and dedication that is unique to CAF men and women and are an inspiration for the pursuit of excellence wherever they go in North America.

This year, total ticket sales will be limited to offer a high quality of experience for all.  Purchase on-line to ensure your place: