Two Canadian aerobatic teams in the sky: the Snowbirds and the CF-18

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The CF-18 Hornet demonstration and the CF-18 Hornet twilight show Col. Chris Hadfield will join up with the CF-18 Hornet for a Heritage Flight at AERO Gatineau-Ottawa 2019. The first Canadian Astronaut to walk in space will fly the Spitfire…
J.P. Bonin

Martin Hivon performs with the Yak-55 and the American Champion Aircraft Explorer

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Martin Hivon, a former Canadian Forces military pilot, is one of only three Quebec aerobatic performers. He started as a pilot on the Tutor (same aircraft as the Snowbirds), and was a test pilot on the F-18 for 12 years. He served for 3 years…

Rick Volker: a unique performance in the Sukhoi SU-26M

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Rick Volker came up through the US aerobatic contests category, dominating the highest level of competition, flying Pitts and Sukhoi aircrafts. He has been seriously involved in fitness sports such as swimming, bodybuilding, speed skating,…