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A fiery night-time show

For the first time in the region, Manfred Radius, a world-renowned glider pilot, will perform at nightfall on Friday, September 6th. Manfred Radius is a top professional air show performer who ushered in a new era in sailplane demonstrations. He has the distinction of having introduced world championship-level sailplane performances to air shows throughout North […]

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Rick Volker: a unique performance in the Sukhoi SU-26M

Rick Volker came up through the US aerobatic contests category, dominating the highest level of competition, flying Pitts and Sukhoi aircrafts. He has been seriously involved in fitness sports such as swimming, bodybuilding, speed skating, and cross-country ski racing. He’s an aerobatic competency evaluator for the air show industry and… a dentist! He spend about […]


The Canadian Armed Forces Snowbirds return!

Appropriately named as the team symbolic of our snowy land, do you know how they got their name?  The Snowbirds were named by Douglas Farmer, an elementary school student at CFB Moose Jaw, who won the “Name the Team” contest in 1971.  And reflecting this heritage they frequently trail white smoke in the sky as […]