For the first time in the region, Manfred Radius, a world-renowned glider pilot, will perform at nightfall on Friday, September 6th.

Manfred Radius is a top professional air show performer who ushered in a new era in sailplane demonstrations. He has the distinction of having introduced world championship-level sailplane performances to air shows throughout North America.

His nightly show will be breathtaking. With classical music, the Salto glider will be taken aloft by a plane and perform an amazing aerial choreography. Fireworks attached to its wings will draw lines of fire in the sky.

The Salto is a fully aerobatic, highly maneuverable sailplane which is also suited for extended soaring flights. Very elegant in appearance, its distinctive features include a Vee tail, trailing edge dive brakes and a braking chute. A wing tip system displays special effects during night performances.

Manfred Radius will perform the same aerial ballet during the day on September 7th and 8th. The Salto will then be equipped with a wing-tip smoke system.

Seats are limited, so buy your tickets now!