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6-7-8 September – 3 DAYS OF THRILLS

Catch one of the biggest air shows in Canada!


Gatineau-Ottawa, August 2019AERO Gatineau-Ottawa and Vintage Wings of Canada are proud to present a bigger and more spectacular air show for the 2019 season, with Lockheed Martin Canada as this year’s title sponsor! For the first time, AERO Gatineau-Ottawa will take place over an extended three day period, at the Gatineau-Ottawa Executive Airport, just 15 minutes from downtown Ottawa-Gatineau. Come watch and celebrate the leading aviation stars of Canada and the United States!


Nearly 70 aircraft will feature the technologies of yesterday, today and tomorrow in-flight and on the ground. Among this year’s highlights is the United States Airforce F-35A Lightning II, which promises to excite the eyes and ears!


For the first time this year, a twilight presentation will be offered on Friday evening, September 6, allowing viewers to witness the night flight of a glider equipped with flares, performing a celestial ballet. An experience not to be missed!


« We’ve expanded the show to allow for increase attendance! Sunday features an encore performance so that everyone in the National Capital Region can enjoy this high-flying spectacle, » said event director John Bennett.


« We are extremely proud to see this great event grow year after year. The City of Gatineau is pleased to support AERO Gatineau-Ottawa to attract aviation enthusiasts, families and thrill seekers from all over the National Capital Region and beyond”, said Gatineau Mayor Maxime Pedneaud-Jobin.


AERO Gatineau-Ottawa is also delighted to have Lockheed Martin Canada as the lead sponsor of AERO Gatineau-Ottawa. “We are extremely proud to contribute to the success of this important event for the local communities and for Canadian aviation. This is an exceptional occasion for showcasing both vintage and 5th Generation aircraft, and we are particularly proud of the fact that some of our own aircraft will be part of the show including the CH-148 Cyclone Maritime helicopter and the F-35 Lightning II,” said Lorraine Ben chief executive of Lockheed Martin Canada.



Saturday 7 and Sunday 8

CF-18 Demonstration Team

The Canadian Air Force’s CF-18 demonstration team has chosen the theme « NATO’s 50th Anniversary. » The colour scheme and exterior cladding of the Hornet fighters are decorated with drawings evoking this theme. Coming back for their 9th year at AERO Gatineau-Ottawa, the CF-18 demonstration team will offer an exhilarating, dynamic show which you won’t forget!


The Canadian Forces Snowbirds are back in the skies over Gatineau for a brand new show! The performance, lasting from 30 to 50 minutes, is choreographed to lively music, and presents more than 50 different formations and manoeuvres, including solo passes, vertiginous climbs and figures in a formation of 9 aircraft, including rolls and loops. Last year, the Snowbirds surprised viewers by approaching from the rear and starting their manoeuvres as they climbed steeply. This year will offer a similar surprise. It is an honour to have them at the show once again!


USAF F-35 Demonstration Team

Making its debut performance in the Ottawa-Gatineau region, the world’s only multi-role, 5th Generation fighter jet is in service by many of Canada’s allies, including three services of the United States military.


Nearly 70 planes in flight and on the ground!

Aviation enthusiasts will be able to admire Michael Potter’s Vintage Wings of Canada warbird collection, in-flight and on the ground, including a Supermarine Spitfire Mark IX. Also on static display will be the Viking Air Twin Otter Series 400 on floats and, for the first time at the show, the RCAF CH-148 Cyclone ship-borne maritime helicopter.


There are numerous new features this year, including…

  • a replica of the Japanese ZERO fighter used in 1970 in the film Tora! Tora! Tora!
  • Manfred Radius’s hypnotizing glider performance during the Friday night show;
  • The Go Skive Dive demonstration team, jumping from the Canadian Harvard Acrobatic Team Beech C-45 Expeditor;
  • ULM CANADA VL-3 the world’s fastest 2-seater ultra-light aircraft;
  • a spectacular recovery demonstration (combat simulation) by the Canadian Bushawks Squadron 2 L-16s reconnaissance aircraft;
  • the Collings Foundation Supermarine Spitfire Mark IX in a duet with its Vintage Wings of Canada counterpart;
  • the return of Martin Hivon with his new YAK-55 performing thrilling aerobatics




On the ground for the first time:

  • the AeroVolga Borey Amphibian;
  • the Canadian Coast Guard’s Bell 429 helicopter demonstrations for children using an inflatable boat for rescue missions;
  • for fans of ‘home-built’ aircraft, the Turbine Legend two seater from Performance Aircraft;
  • the Pitts Model 12 aerobatic aircraft with the Vedeneyev M14P/PF engine;
  • a display of various vintage, classic and military aircraft – along with military vehicles from yesterday and today;
  • More than twenty high-performance Porsche roadsters from the Porsche Club of Montreal;
  • Several airlines will be on hand to demonstrate their products.
  • Lockheed Martin Virtual Reality Flight Simulator


Be sure to visit the booths and exhibitions of our many partners:

  • Inflated Amusements with their Bungee and Light Games;
  • AERO SimExperience, with its visual flight simulator;
  • Leonardo Aircraft with a mock-up of their new training aircraft;
  • the Canadian Coast Guard with the Bell 429 helicopter and a kiosk;
  • Vintage vehicles;
  • the National School of Aerospace;
  • Tourism Outaouais and many others.


not to mention a variety of food and beverage concessions on site!


The Organizing Committee would like to thank its sponsors and partners: The City of Gatineau, Lockheed Martin, Tourism Quebec, Gatineau-Ottawa Executive Airport, Leonardo Aircraft, Pacific Sky, Viking Air Ltd. and Top Aces.



Gatineau-Ottawa Executive Airport

1717 Arthur-Fecteau Street, Gatineau, Québec




Weekend Schedule

Friday Evening – September 6*

Doors open: 5 PM

Air show: 6:50 PM to 8 PM

ZERO Replica vs VWC P-51 Mustang
Vintage Wings of Canada Chipmunk, Cornell, Finch, Harvard
Supermarine Spitfire Mk IX Collings Foundation
Manfred Radius glider performance
CF-18 Hornet twilight demo

Saturday – September 7 & Sunday, September 8*

Doors open: 9:30 AM

Ground shows: 9:30 AM to 4 PM

Air show: 11 AM to 4 PM


Viking Air Turbo Beaver, Chipmunk
C-45 with GO SKYDIVE parachute
ACM WARBIRDS of Canada 2 L-29 Delphins
Vintage Wings of Canada Yellow Wings Chipmunk, Cornell, Finch, Harvard
2 L-16 Canadian Bushawks Squadron
Vintage Wings of Canada Spitfire Mk IX (Flown by Chris Hadfield)
CF-18 Hornet RCAF
Heritage Flight: Vintage Wings of Canada Spitfire and CF-18 Hornet
Manfred Radius glider
ZERO Replica vs VWC P-51 Mustang
Collings Foundation Spitfire Mk IX, VWC Spitfire Mk IX, P-40N Kittyhawk
F-35 Lightning II USAF Demo


*All acts are subject to change in time or order based on operational circumstances and weather


Ticket Information:


For English media please contact – Brenda Bookbinder



Hope to see you there!